Saturday, 3 October 2009

Update from Philippines

Thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts we greatly appreciate your friendship and support.

The Typhoon rains have brought much destruction to life, property and living especially in Manila. The aftermath of this is starvation. On Negros Island the damage to farms will result to no food in homes. This will create another difficulty when people will go after local money lenders to borrow money for food who will in return charge them high interest. When the other in coming Typhoons will bring in much rain it will prolong the time of farm land preparations for planting, as a result of this people will experience food shortage in their homes. Doldol and Malingin congregations who are in to Rice farming, with bad weather some are unable to dry the harvested rice and it is rotting. The Cropof some others are in the field yet and is under water and some cannot prepare the land for planting for the next season.

In Cabiguhan and Nataban members who plant corn, peanuts and root crops say because of the heavy rain and strong winds the crops are damaged. These are only four congregations I have visited during the last week end.

We are glad that you are there for us to air out our frustrations facing these natural calamities that disrupts life and add much to what people bear with for existence. We who are with the people find our selves helpless most of the time. With all good wishes,

Nihal Attanayake

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