Friday, 2 October 2009

ICUU President on Indonesian Earthquake

Dear Friends in JAGI

It is with a measure of deep relief that I have learned from Aryanto Nugroho that none of your congregations were directly affected by the recent earthquake in Padang. Nevertheless it is a terrible tragedy and natural disaster facing your nation. I am sure many of you know people or families who have been harmed.

As people of faith and empathy, I offer the nest wishes and prayers of the Executive Committee and of Unitarians and Universalists around the world for all people affected by the quake, no matter what their religion or station in life.

As in the case of our brothers and sisters in the Philippines recovering from the floods, I urge all U*Us who are willing and able to support relief efforts for those harmed by these terrible events.

In an uncertain world where environmental disaster seems to be an increasingly common event, we stand in awe and hope before the power of nature. We wish you and the men and women of Indonesia al the best in recovery and rebuilding efforts.

In faith,

Rev. Brian J. Kiely

International Council of Unitarians and Universalists

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Brian Kiely said...

Dear Rev. Brian Kiely,
thanks a lot for the support. We will deliver all the donation and helps to the Indonesia Red Cross, because we have no resources to deliver it directly to the victims of disaster. We also hope that our Philippines friends will also recover soon from the typhoon impact. Please keep praying for the victims and their families, may they gain strength and wisdom to recover from this damage.

Aryanto Nugroho