Friday, 21 January 2011

Nominations for ICUU Executive and Nominating Committees

To all ICUU Member Groups,
Greetings from the Nominating Committee:

In February 2012, the ICUU Council will meet in The Philippines and will elect a new Executive Committee and Nominating Committee. We hope that all member groups are already considering whether they will nominate a candidate for one of the positions.

Here is some information you may find helpful when you discuss whether to nominate someone:
• The offices are not ceremonial positions, and all members of the Executive Committee are expected to have time to attend regular meetings (mostly online but one meeting a year involving travel) and carry out the work of ICUU, much of which is done using the internet.
• Candidates for the election must be nominated by their own member groups and the nomination must be seconded by another member group.
• More than one person can be nominated for each position.
• All properly nominated candidates will appear on the ballot.
• The Nominating Committee will consider all the nominations and recommend a slate of one or two nominees for each office. The committee works to recommend a slate that is qualified and balanced both geographically and in terms of skills needed to carry out the work required.
• Job descriptions for all positions are available from the ICUU Executive Secretary (

The seven current members of the Executive Committee of ICUU are the four officers:
• President: Brian Kiely – Canada
• Vice-President: Pauline Rooney – ANZUA (Australia and New Zealand)
• Secretary: David Gyero – Transylvania (Romania)
• Treasurer: David Shaw – Great Britain
and three members-at-large:
• Nihal Attanayake – The Philippines
• Femi Matimoju – Nigeria
• Celia Midgley – Great Britain

All of the current officers except the treasurer have expressed the wish to run again for office. They must be nominated by their own groups. This does not prevent other groups from nominating other candidates for office.

The three current members of the Nominating Committee are.
• Gevene Hertz (EUU – European Unitarian Universalists)
• Pearl Greene Marbaniang (India)
• Gordon Oliver (South Africa)
The members of the Nominating Committee are not allowed serve consecutive terms, so three new members are needed.

Please consider now whether you may want to nominate someone from your group for any of the positions – including the Nominating Committee, which also performs an important role and actually helps shape the future of ICUU.


Before Feb 15: If you think you may want to nominate someone, even if you are not sure, please contact me (Gevene Hertz), or the other members of the Nominating Committee, or the Executive Secretary of ICUU, Steve Dick, so that we can discuss the nomination process, send you the proper forms and answer any questions. We can also discuss what offices your candidates might be best suited for.

Email addresses for all of us are at the end of this letter. We can also be available for discussions using Skype.

Remember to check to make sure that the person is willing to be nominated and understands the duties of the office.

Before June 1: You will have to get the official approval of your group and fill out a proper nomination form.

You will also have to arrange to have another group second the nomination.
Both groups may need time to approve the nomination, for example, this may involve talking to your board or other governing body, so you need plenty of time.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Gevene Hertz, Convenor of the Nominating Committee
Frydenlundsvej 49, DK 2950 Vedbaek, Denmark
Telephone: +44 4589 4184 (evenings or weekends)

Pearl Greene Marbaniang

Gordon Oliver

Steve Dick