Thursday, 5 May 2011

Global Chalice Lighting Words for May 2011

The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists announces the 93rd in its monthly series of global chalice lighting readings. Congregations worldwide are invited to participate.

ICUU-affiliated groups have been asked to submit brief chalice lightings for the project. Every month, a reading will be distributed to Unitarian and Universalist congregations around the world. We ask each congregation to use the reading for at least one worship service in the designated month, identifying it as the “Global Chalice Lighting” for that month and naming the group which submitted it. Readings will be circulated in English and, where different, in their original language.

It is hoped that the ICUU Global Chalice Lighting Project will enhance the worship experience in our congregations and raise awareness of the international dimensions of our religious movement.

This Global Chalice Lighting is submitted in English and Spanish by the Unitarian Universalist Association. It is to be used during May 2011.

We speak different languages. We live on different continents. And yet we share a common love, a common faith, and a common destiny. We share a commitment to create a world where compassion guides us, where all are cherished, where all are free.

We light this chalice in recognition of our enduring connections, in honor of our shared legacy, and in anticipation of the future we shall create together.

Hablamos idiomas diferentes y vivimos en continentes distintos, pero compartimos un amor común, una fe común y un destino común. Compartimos el compromiso de crear un mundo en el que nos guíe la compasión, donde todos seamos amados, donde todos seamos libres.

Encendemos este cáliz en reconocimiento de nuestras relaciones duraderas, en honor de nuestro legado compartido y en la expectativa del futuro que crearemos juntos.

Peter Morales

Unitarian Universalist Association