Saturday, 3 October 2009

Update from Indonesia

It seems that the earth layer beneath Indonesia archipelago has not yet been stable. After the Tasikmalaya (West Java) earthquake during our Koloszvar meeting, now the earthquake hits western Sumatera (Padang, Pariaman, and now Jambi). We are saddened by the news that it could be more than 2.000 death toll.

There are no direct impact to our church. We have no congregation in western Sumatera yet. But, we are still talking to one family, our member in Jakarta, who is originated from western Sumatera. We are waiting for information about their big family in western Sumatera. We are still looking for any possibility to collect some help to the earthquake victims (may be during the next sabbath worship, there will be some fund collection), and will deliver it through government agencies or NGO body.

The update :
We are relief that the family of our Jakarta member are not affected by the earthquake.
The death numbers of the victim are now 471. Injured numbers 2,818 which are 604 badly injured. The government through the health department said that there are thousands people still buried (either alive or death) under the damaged building.
We will collect the fund today, on the sabbath worship, and will deliver it through Indonesia Red Cross for the victims.

Thank you for your kind attention and the attention of the ICUU as a big family.
Aryanto Nugroho

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