Monday, 9 November 2009

In Memory of the Rev Polly Guild

Dear Friends around the globe,

On November 7 we lost one of our strongest and most persistent advocates for international Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist connections. Rev. Polly Guild of Massachusetts died after a period of illness. While her death was expected, it was still a great loss to all who knew her and to Unitarians and Universalists around the globe who may never know the effect of her pioneering work.

As member, leader and friend of the IARF, the ICUU, the Partner Church Council and hundreds of individuals around the world Polly helped grow our sense of community across borders, oceans and continents. It always seemed that if there was a gathering, she was there. A former Executive Member of the ICUU, Polly in recent years sat in as our resident historian and archivist. As new leaders emerged, she helped us learn the history and the context so that we could do our best work.

Sadly, Polly was not able to attend our most recent Council Meeting in Transylvania. However thanks to a little creativity and the help of her family, we were able to send live birthday greetings to Polly over the internet. For a too brief few moments she was with us one more time.

She was a great soul and is greatly missed.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and Staff of the ICUU I send the warmest regards and condolences to Polly's family and to all who are missing this special woman this day.

Rev. Brian Kiely

Unitarian Church of Edmonton

President, International Council of Unitarians and Universalists


H.Helpme Mohrmen said...

The Unitarian Union expresses its deep sorrow at the demise of kong Polly, she is remembered by all those who knew her. I personally felt close attachment with Polly and Ted when I stayed with them during my visit to the US. She presented my son with a teddy bear which we still keep although my son is 17 years old now. We still have in the many rooms of the HK Singh School, Polly and Ted's picture and I hope the photographs will remain. I would also like you to know that my son graduated from this School and had the opportunity to use the rooms that Polly and Ted generously donated so also my two daughters who are still studying in the school and more that 700 students who are currently studying in the school. I know a woman of Polly's stature would have many important people who will remember her, but rest assure that the Unitarians in the Khasi Jaintia Hills, will always remember her as their beloved sister.
Churches in the Unitarian Union will observe the death anniversary of Hajom Kissor Sing on the 13 September and many churches will have a special memorial service on the 14, we will try to inform as many churches as possible to remember Polly also during the service.

I will right away inform Carly about the demise. She will certainly be saddened by it.

~~Khublei Shibun~~

~~To Nang Roi~~

Rev. H.H. Mohrmen
General Secretary

H.Helpme Mohrmen said...
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