Friday, 8 July 2011

Thanks & News from Christchurch

Unitarian Universalists of Christchurch

30 June 2011

International Council of Unitarian Universalists

c/o Brian Kiely



Dear Fellow Unitarians,

Thank you for your recent $4150.00 donation to support our fellowship in recovering from the recent Christchurch earthquakes. We have received comparable unsolicited donations from the European Unitarian Universalists (EUU) and Auckland Unitarian Church.

The 22 February quake which devastated the city centre left our rented rooms off limits until early May, and caused substantial hardship to many of our members. We have allocated one-third of the funds received for emergency hardship grants to individual members. Our budget has never provided any sort of pastoral emergency fund, but thanks to the generosity of fellow Unitarians, our minister will now provide grants of up to $500 to hard-hit individuals who confidentially request this assistance.

The remaining funds have secured our budget to cover our modest near-term needs, and are likely to subsidize the costs of a retreat later this year outside of Christchurch for our members, and to support our increased participation in the upcoming ANZUUA conference.

When shaken to our core, we are reminded what our core is. Thank you for reminding us of the connection, the values and the friendship we share.

Kind regards,

Amy Gilman,

Chair, Management Team

Unitarian Universalists of Christchurch

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