Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sponsored Participant Grants available for 2012 ICUU Gathering in the Philippines!

Recognizing that the level of local and personal resources could prevent some participants from attending ICUU Council Meetings and Conferences, ICUU is able to make a limited number of grants available to for attending the February 2012 ICUU Council Meeting and Conference.

Eligibility for these grants is limited to delegates from ICUU member groups and representatives from bodies officially recognized as emerging groups by the ICUU.

More information on the criteria and procedures for these grants can be found here:

Click Here for Sponsored Participant Grants Criteria and Application Procedures

Applications can be made using the form here to be submitted well before September 15:

Click Here for Sponsored Participant Grants Application Form

Persons applying to receive a grant SHOULD NOT use the online registration system for the Council Meeting and Conference.

IMPORTANT: Delegates or representatives from some groups may have received grants in the past without applying for them. In the interest of openness and fairness, all persons need to apply to be considered for a grant from ICUU.

As ICUU itself only has limited resources for such grants, there is no guarantee and there should be no expectation that any group or person will necessarily receive a grant.

If any groups or persons are able to make a donation to ICUU to help us increase the number of grants we can make for people to attend this important gatherings, it would be greatly appreciated and will have a real impact.

PLEASE contact Executive Secretary Steve Dick ( or Treasurer David Shaw ( if you can assist in this way.

Any questions about the grants program and applications for grants can be sent to Steve Dick at

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