Monday, 28 March 2011

ICUU Founders Vision Awards

The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists is 15 years old and in commemoration of that achievement, we celebrate fifteen men & women pivotal in founding the worldwide network of Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist (UU) groups and organizations.

Recognizing that they come from and continue to support significant local and national UU communities as well as international connections, ICUU representatives will present Vision Awards to these prophetic people at the national meetings of their home organizations.

ICUU recognises that the implementation of its sustaining vision depended on many other people as well and that the vision cannot grow for the future without the dedication of many others to come. Therefore it is expected that further ICUU Vision Awards will be given in the future.

The following persons are to be honoured at the indicated national events:

Canada (Canadian Unitarian Council Annual Meetings Toronto May 2011):
Herman Boerma
Ellen Campbell

EUU (event & date to be determined):
Gevene Hertz

Germany (presentation event & date to be determined):
Wolfgang Jantz

India (presentation event & date to be determined):
Carleywell Lyngdoh

Philippines (presentation to be determined)
The Rev Rebecca Sienes

(presentation event & date to be determined):
The Rev Szabó Árpád
The Rev Kovács István

United Kingdom
(Annual Meetings Swansea April 2011):
Christine Hayhurst
The Rev Cliff Reed
The Rev David Usher

(UUA General Assembly Charlotte June 2011):
The Rev John Buehrens
The Rev Polly Guild
The Rev Jill McAllister
The Rev Kenneth MacLean

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