Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Death of Indirias Bhatti

We regret to report the death in July of Indirias Bhatti, known in ICUU as a representative of Unitarians in Pakistan. Messages of condolence were sent to his family by ICUU Hon Treasurer the Rev David Shaw and former ICUU Hon Secretaary, the Rev Richard Boeke.

The Rev Shaw wrote: "I am so sorry to hear the news and send to you my love and prayers. I remember well meeting Indirias in Sri Lanka - I think now 15 years ago.
I remember his dedication and vision for all things fair. I have since been aware of how much work he has done and achieved in difficult circumstances towards achieving peace, support, co-operation and love for humanity around him."

The Rev Boeke wrote: "I am sad to learn of the death of Inderias. For two decades he struggled bringing a Unitarian witness to Pakistan. For years Polly Guild was the "angel" who helped, as she did for other UU groups especially the Unitarians of Khasi Hills.

Only last year we lost Polly.
This weekend we lost Inderias Dominic Bhatti in Lahore..
The very weekend in which the angry factional violence exploded in a bomb
In a Sikh Shine in Lahore.

This prayer:
Holy Spirit ,
Like Jesus, we pray for forgiveness.
Like Jesus. We pray
"Thy Kingdom come,. Thy will be done ..."

Inderias Bhatti sought religious harmony and peace for Pakistan.
He was a worker for the coming of thy Kingdom.
As with our own lives, his success was limited.
May the hope in which he lived
Bear fruit in the years to come.
May his family be blessed and be a blessing."

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