Monday, 17 May 2010

Share Info on Upcoming Events with ICUU Community

ICUU Member Groups are invited to submit information about upcoming events to be listed on the Member Group Events page of the ICUU Web Site.

Events should meet the following criteria –

a. Take place within the next two years

b. Are likely to be of interest to the wider ICUU community

c. Attendance is possible and encouraged by people from other lands

d. Are supportive of and consistent with the mission and objectives of ICUU

e. Are sponsored by an ICUU member group or a group associated with ICUU

f. Are open to all or open to all within criteria such as for ministers or people in a certain area.

Descriptions of up to 200 words can be included and additionally a web address or email address must be supplied for those who wish to obtain further information.

ICUU reserves the decision as to whether any particular event will be listed and the right to edit supplied text.

The requested information about events should be sent to the ICUU Executive Secretary at

Information about new events can be submitted at any time and the relevant webpage will be updated periodically.

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