Saturday, 16 January 2010

News from Unitarians in Indonesia

Dear ICUU friends,

On behalf of Unitarian Christian Church of Indonesia (JAGI Church), let me share the result of our 3rd National Meeting, December 24-27, 2009 :
1. We have new board for 2010-2015, who is :

Chairman of High-Council : Elder Tjahjadi Nugroho Secretary of High-Council : Elder Kristanto Tjahjasaputra

Chairman of Elder Board : Elder Nathan Tjahjasaputra Secretary of Elder Board : Elder Ellen Christiani (Ellen Kristi)

President of Executive Body : Elder Aryanto Nugroho Vice-President : Elder Tirto Sujoko General Secretary : Elder Mosye Adam Vice-Secretary : Ester Treasurer : Oktino Setyo Irawan
++ some departments inside the Executive Body

The High-council will responsible for the teaching of the church The Elder board will responsible for the development and control of the work of Elder The Executive Body will responsible for day-to-day activity of the Church The contact person of the church for international movement is still me, since i was chosen as President of Executive body. We hope that the good relation between ICUU and JAGI (UCCI), will flourish in the coming year :)

2. We have formally agreed to use the name UNITARIAN CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF INDONESIA as our international name.

This is our brief information about our last National Meeting, please pray for the work of the new board and keep in touch.

Best wishes,
Aryanto Nugroho
President of Executive Body of UCCI

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