Thursday, 11 June 2009

Latest from Olga Flores (11 June)

We have now had an email direct from Olga, which she has requested that we put into proper English:

Dear all “solidarians” hearts:

After three days recovering in the hospital and now at home,  we are ready to restart our action.

Many, many thanks to all of you around the world, for your help and your faith.  Even without a positive agreement with the government we can say that our common effort was useful for building peace in a country that is noted for the confrontation and the impunity of killers. Every single effort against injustice is necessary.  Justice is not a result of a big governmental measure, it is our daily action.  In this dimension your solidarity has importance.

All that you did encouraged me: I could feel not only that I am not alone, but a part of a human circle that is protecting our human family. You were able to feel the necessity of Bolivia, a country that is very far from you. All that you did was not only for me, but for the Bolivian people who are living in a process of changing but who can not overcome the old structure of dictatorship.  Nothing will change if the old structure of impunity remains.

We have to be aware that together we have power, so we can think that with our collective action we can do many other things to have a better world.

Thanks for your solidarity.  During the hunger strike I felt your prays, your thoughts that were guiding me to be honest, humble, but wise and with open mind. We decided to finish our strike at the limit of our heath but with the promise that we will continue fighting, with other measures more creative and effective. We think that our lives are instruments for justice.

Our common action generated here a movement for justice, it is a red light for the government: to act according to ethical principles and to remove the double moral standards. It is necessary to return to an idealistic politic. Unexpectedly we reached more that we wanted.  Now let's see what our next activity will be.

In my mind I have many reflections about the meaning of life.  The principal is that to live gives us the possibility to express love, on one hand, and in the other hand, is a kind of a natural “duty”, our happy duty.

Let's continue our walk with enthusiasm and integrity each one in their own duty-Dharma and in union in our common existence.

Gracias la lucha continua!!



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