Friday, 19 December 2008

New Unitarian group in Togo

We are told by French Unitarian leader, Jean-Claude Barbier, that a new Unitarian group is developing in the African country of Togo. More details at the AFCU blog.

The Togo Unitarians will join the growing family of African Unitarians. After many years of stagnation, when Unitarians were only present in Nigeria and in South Africa (and being SA Unitarians predominantly white), there has been a dramatic growth of Unitarianism (mostly in its classical Christian version) in several African countries such as Burundi, Kenya, and the two Congos, and inquiries from many other places.

The future of Unitarianism seems promising in Africa and will no doubt present many possibilities and challenges for the worldwide Unitarian+Universalist religious community. If you were ever interested in having increasing diversity in your church, you will find that cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity is the hallmark of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists! Please visit us and consider attending our open events and supporting our work to nurture existing and emerging Unitarian and Universalist groups worldwide... including Africa.

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